KINGS is a powerful film that follows rookie African American police officer BRANDON BILLIPS his first night on the job and the difficult choices he's faced with when his veteran partner starts to abuse the power of his badge, putting his life, and the lives of others, in danger. KINGS not only addresses the obvious issues of black and white stereotypes but also of the reprogramming of self imagery and what needs to be done in order to tear down the walls of ignorance within each individual.


Re-programming for the Next Human OS.

Merging science and ancient wisdom to install a new worldview of interconnectedness. Entertaining, thought-provoking and outrageously hysterical programs, Only The Source offers a global audience direct experiences and reliable practices to create positive change in their lives.


Brian and Ron are coworkers negotiating an exchange. While the job seemed simple enough, they soon find themselves in a precarious situation, facing a powerful group of people who do not see the deal as equitable. Brian and Ron’s goals start to shift from winning a negotiation to simply leaving the negotiating table unharmed.